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Owensboro Public Schools have not held a high school cross-country event this fall season, but they are encouraging students and athletes to attend their local cross-country events.

A limited number of tickets will be sold to the visiting teams by visiting their sports office and made available the week before. Those who receive a card are listed on a pre-approved list of athletes to coaches.

When all are sold out, capacity is highest and the district will make its decision based on these guidelines. This does not mean that every sport allows for spectator capacity at all sporting events, but it is not meant to be so. Students - Athletes are not entitled to carpooling, bicycles, footpaths or bikes to and from the game. For each of the three games, at least one student - athlete - must be on the schedule of each visiting team.

Media - Media representatives wishing to participate must contact OHS Sports Director Todd Harper by email or his office at (502) 662-5555.

The second man in goal, Augustin Nyembo, who had some important defensive plays today, made a tackle to end the drive. Tyler Moore led the Purple defense with two interceptions, one on fourth-and-1 on the final play. Look at the passing plays that helped get the Purples within range, and look at Jordan Dingle's interception on a passing play to commit to Great Britain. The defense shone again in the second half, with two interceptions and a sack by junior Jordan O'Brien.

The defense, which came in points 1 - 5A to place 1, could not be Owensboro crossed the goal line in the final minute. That became the pattern of the game, as Bowling Green forced Wimbeldon to submit constantly and then stepped forward to make a tackle.

Bowling Green used a short field with a Dingle touchdown run to put the game out of reach midway through the third quarter. When a Bowling Green drive stalled, Burwash struck a beauty to put the Red Devils deep into their own territory. Owensboro shook its head and quickly hit back at Bowling Green, setting the stage for a broken game that sent Bowling Green 10-0 into halftime. Bowling Green took the lead at his own 20-yard line in the third quarter and took advantage of another short field goal to put the game within reach midway through the second quarter and take a 14-7 lead.

Bowling Green would forget the board for the rest of the first half, however, as Owensboro defeated the Red Devils 14-0 in the second half.

The Purples' offensive line only gained 199 yards and failed to score in three starts in Red Devils territory. Owensboro won Bowling Green 299-199, but some of those yards were returned for touchdowns when the game was virtually out of reach.

Dez Wilson was injured and will miss the rest of the season, leaving the Purples relying heavily on their defense and running game. Wimbledon ranks third - behind the outstanding wide receiver De'Vonn Bell and tight end Chris Johnson. The system and personnel of the Violets made him a unit - dimensional and content with throws under the basket. He got to the 30-yard line at Bowling Green and opted for the fourth - and ninth - throw, but had to settle for a submission.

The 2016 Bowling Green team, which manages Pulaski County, is in the midst of one of the most dominant seasons in school history.

The Purples closed with a 10-2 win over teams in the top 25 of the KSR and a win over South Warren. Bowling Green is now 1-0 in the state final against the Red Devils, taking its record in Owensboro to 41-39 (2). Covington Catholic beat them 28-1 in the semi-finals last season and Southwark beat them 10-7 earlier this year. After being knocked out of the state semifinals in the first two years, Bowling Green put the state on track with an impressive run to the final.

This season has been compounded by the loss of three of last year's top four starters, as well as injuries to some key players.

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